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Before contacting us, we ask that you please review the FAQ below and check your email. It is very likely that 1 of those 2 things will get you an immediate answer, no waiting required!


Why was I charged $24.13? 
The cost of maintaining your Scorched VIP membership is $24.13. When you sign up for a 30-Day Trial, you will receive Free Shipping on your order and get to pick between a FREE Sign-Up gift valued at ~$70. 

Scorched VIP's also receive 30% OFF every order, $10 in store credit every month, and much more. You can learn more about the full benefits by clicking hereAt the end of your 30 day trial, your membership then started auto-renewing as stated in our terms & conditions. If you decide you want to cancel your membership, you would just need to call into our customer service at the number below.

Where is my order? When will I get it? 
Please click on "Shipping Information" at the bottom of our page to view our shipping and processing timeframes. 

Where is the rest of my order? 
Our batteries have to be shipped separately due to strict shipping regulations. It is likely that the other part of your order has also shipped and is in route. Please check your email and you'll most likely find a tracking # that was emailed to you for the other shipment.

Why won't my vest turn on? 
Make sure your battery is fully charged and also turned ON. Then, make sure it's securely plugged into the vest before HOLDING the button down on the vest for 3 seconds. 


If you still need help, we can be reached by phone at 877-389-3124 or by sending an email to

If there is a mistake on your order, please make sure you call so it can be fixed before your order ships out. It can take up to 72 hours for us to respond to your email.